Som Parkash, BJP MLA, Phagwara, has sent a Private Member Bill to the Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, titled “The Punjab Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and Other Inhuman, Evil Practices and Black Magic Bill, 2017”. This Bill aims at prevention and eradication of exploitation under the pretext of expelling the ghost, assaulting the persons with chain, beating by stick, etc.. Some people cause pain by way of touching heated objects to the human body and forcing persons to perform sexual acts, and also other inhuman acts.

Some Dhongi Babas also claim display of so called miracles to deceive, defraud and terrorise people by provocation of so called miracles.

With a view to receive blessings of super natural powers, they cause danger or grievous hurt to the followers.

Evil act of black-magic in search of precious things, etc., they make human sacrifices. They create panic in the mind of the public by way of invoking ghost or threat to invoke ghost, and also giving impression of having super-natural powers for medical treatment which endangers the life of the persons and cause financial as well as physical loss to the human beings.

Such Dhongi Babas exploit people especially ladies to the extent that they make sexual relations with ladies.

Such acts should be curbed in the modern scientific age, and an Act should be passed to curtail such inhuman activities and make a provision of punishment to such exploiters. Such Act has already been passed by the Maharashtra Government and also Karnataka Government is actively considering it.

Som Parkash has written a d.o. letter dated 18.5.2017 to Hon’ble Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, with a request that such Private Bills which could serve the Society should be encouraged. Even in Parliament, Private Bills are discussed and passed. Such Bills should not be rejected on technical grounds as they are in the larger interest of the society.

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